Friday, 29 May 2015

Describing Place “Bromo Mountain”

Describing Place “Bromo Mountain”


   I love to travel , whether it's to the shopping center , the beach or the mountains. One of Mount Bromo , though I never go there but I'm very fond of nature at Mount Bromo.I wanted to climb the mountain.

          Bromo mountain is one of the most beautiful and magical mountains in East Java. It is located in Probolinggo Regency. This mountain is very interesting because you can see the beautiful sunrise and sunset from this mountain. You can take a magical picture from the sky above this mountain.
Beside that you can see the large field that Bromo people call ‘Lautan Pasir’’. It is very beautiful if you see from the top of Mount Bromo.There are also a crater in the top of montain. The visitors can make their body warm in cold conditions of this mountain. In this crater you can see some beautiful colors of fire and beautiful smoke going up to the sky.

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